Do home remedies help against sore inner thighs or sore skin? What does really help to eliminate chub rub?

Do home remedies help against sore inner thighs or sore skin? What does really help to eliminate chub rub?

Some swear by tallow, chamomile and similar means. Again, others put olive oil wraps on the affected areas. Some people recommend Vaseline or even female deodorants (they are NOT recommended, because of the active substances included in the perfume!) We have seen much on the Internet and there is a lot of advice to just put anything on the sore skin. It is not without reason, that dermatological studies explore what is compatible with sensitive skin texture and what not. These studies exist for a reason! Please refer to our article (on this website) about the skin and perspiration. The skin is a complex system, with an extensive network of capillaries, nerve endings, hair follicles, pores, sebaceous glands, etc. The skin is one of our most important organs, because only the skin can protect us against dangerous UV radiation.

home remedies sore skinA good protection of the skin means to provide it with moisture and nutrients. Important nutrients include vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin D (sunlight). This is of vital importance. You get some of these vitamins from citrus fruits, fish or nuts. An adequate fluid intake is even more vital for the skin. Persons that sweat too much, can have quicker chafing problems. Sweating is a regulatory function of a healthy individual. For this reason, athletes should carefully watch their fluid intake and should look to avoid chub rub, sore skin and chafing at all costs. Chafing can cause health problems and will not allow you to continue with your training program!

There are however natural remedies that help against inflammation or help to relieve it. These include Chamomile, Aloe Vera, or similar plants and related substances, which you can use in seating baths to achieve further relief. For prevention use a Cream like Vevina®, to avoid future infections.

The Cream from Vevina ® was specially designed to protect the skin and is a means to avoid chafing and skin irritation. The effectiveness is actually quite simple. We support the functioning of the skin by giving it an additional protective film. The cream is applied to the skin, at areas that are under a special risk for chafing and allow the soothing substances to act. Now these skin areas can rub against each other, without hurting the sensitive top layer of skin or tearing it up. This is especially important if you are an active athlete or have a problem with obesity. But even young children have this problem around the panties seam. Other people tend to chafing or chub rub, because their body type leads certain parts of the skin to touch and to become irritated by friction and pressure during the day.

What should I know about Vevina ®? The ointment has the advantage that it is not fat based, like vaselin or other similar Creams and unguents. These leave stains on clothes, are not waterproof and can enter into additional connections with sweat. The Vevina ® Cream is based on zinc oxide and silicones. These give a special softness and the special protective film, which is active in the protection against chafing of the skin. We must only indicate that some people can be allergic to silicone. In this case, we recommend another type of ointment.

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A zinc oxide is an ingredient which acts as an anti-inflammatory. The zinc oxide works in particular on skin areas that are red, but are still not infected! These must be disinfected first. Zinc oxide is good for Aminoaciduria, normal skin inflammation of the hair balge, as well as for irritation by diaper rash. Zinc oxide has already been used for a long time in medicine and it is effective for the healing of wounds and skin abrasions. The zinc ions penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and work at the cellular level. The zinc oxide belongs to the mineral substances which work very well against UV radiation. This natural substance occurring in nature, is suitable for people who are very sensitive and is therefore also used in many products for toddlers and babies (since they often suffer from diaper rash). The reddened skin areas absorb the substances very quickly and cause no irritation associated with the body’s fats. These are just some of the advantages of zinc oxide. Instead of buying the oxide itself you can now apply Vevina ®, which contains this wonderful substance and other ingredients to optimally protect the skin against irritation and rubbing, which in turn accelerate the results of chub rub.

Please find a dermatologist if the skin area is bleeding and is watery for days. Some people get fever or a fever-like State, if the inflammation is very strong. In these cases and in case of an advanced infection, Vevina ® will of course not help. The ointment is primarily intended as a prevention. It is not a drug or a cure. If in doubt, it is always good to visit the dermatologist, as a wound should be first be disinfected or even anti-inflammatory drugs must be taken. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor first, before applying Vevina® to any skin areas and ask him whether you may use Vevina ®! The ingredients are indeed harmless, but in a pregnancy it is always advisable to consult a doctor first, regardless of which product you intend to use!

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