Fast healing against chub rub on thighs, between the legs or on other body parts (such as under armpits, breasts and the genital area)

Fast healing against chub rub on thighs, between the legs or on other body parts (such as under armpits, breasts and the genital area)

chub rub on thighs, between the legs Sore inner thighs are not just extremely annoying, but also very painful and sometimes even dangerous (if they get infected and the inflammation becomes strong). If these sores cause further inflammation, it can be dangerous, but most of these skin sores are mostly harmless, but nonetheless painful and not seldom also irritating. Especially girls and women who like to wear skirts and dresses in the summer, can become ashamed because these areas are red, itchy, full of blisters and also unpleasant and sensitive to sun exposure. On the Internet you can read about many home remedies and there are numerous tips against a sore scrub on the insides of the thighs and there are also many questions about chub rub and chafing on the testicles, or between the breasts. You don’t need to be ashamed, as this is a process that is actually quite logical (see also our article about this same topic, here: LINK). The most posed question is, what does help quickly against chafing? Is there a fast cure against chafing on the inner thigh area? In the following article we will answer these specific questions.

Remedies against chub rub, sweat rash – Strong skin irritations

First of all, it is important to relieve the affected areas against pain. The pain can become quite strong and become very frustrating – especially if you want to go the the beach or the affected areas are exposed to the sun. Before you think of a cure against chaffed inner thighs, you have to recover and get rid of the itchy, irritated blisters. After that, you should continuously heal and protect the affected areas and last, but not least, you have to take preventive measures, so that you avoid chafing of the inner thighs or other body areas in the future. We will get to this in a minute.

This is an inflammation of the skin and may possibly be even deeper. If you had chafing or an inflammation for a prolonged time and if it has become very painful, or you have watery blisters then, of course, only going to the doctor will help. The skin sores must be treated and some people have reported to even get fever. If it has come so far, only professional medical advice or treatment will help. Usually you have to look for a dermatologist. If the inflammation is superficial, you can do something about it with home remedies. It is really important that you avoid any synthetic textiles over the affected areas. These artificial materials prevent proper ventilation and cause even more heat and perspiration. The sweat accumulates and intensifies the formation of bacteria. The exceptions are synthetic substances that are used for sportswear. They lead off the sweat and do this so to speak by transporting the sweat off and away from the skin. This kind of clothes helps if you necessarily want to make sport. These are all things that should be avoided in this situation anyway. If it is possible, you should make soothing wraps and put them on the sore inner thigh. If you can avoid much running, tight clothes and a pantyhose, it’s even better. Usually it helps if you wear cotton fabrics as they absorb the sweat. You should then change clothes more often.

fast healing chub rub on thighsWe have another tip for our female readers. If the sore skin areas appear close to the upper inner thigh, close to the genital area (where the cuffs of your underwear rub against the skin), then it can be especially painful and it will need a while until the skin will completely heal. In this case, soothing baths will help (Chamomile or black tea – very black – can be a good, natural soothing method and will also have a slight anti-inflammatory effect!). This problem occurs often in very young children, still wearing diapers. The friction, the sweat and the pressure on the sore areas of the skin, lead to this – unfortunately painful result. Soothing baths, that you can combine with a zinc ointment are very, very helpful! During this healing period, avoid at all costs wearing any kind of tight clothes! Also, no panties that are to tight or tend to cut these especially sensitive skin areas. Better wear Boxer shorts or light cotton underwear, without an elastic waistband. We need to heal the sore and blistering skin parts first.

A quick cure depends on various factors. Everybody is different and some people just have the natural tendency for a faster wound healing. Here, of course, genetics plays a role. But there are also a few practical actions that you can take. As long as the skin is still healing (still reddened and/or watery or irritated), one should avoid long walking, jogging or cycling. At least until the skin is completely healed and has somewhat recovered. This is of course not easy for people who are overweight. But here, too, there is a good tip. In overweight, curvy or chubby people, phases of wounded chafing and skin rash can be especially long and be very painful. To get the fastest healing, apply unguents or ointments. There are different solutions at your local pharmacy and they will aid you in a fast and quick healing process. Ointments that are based on chamomile, Aloe Vera or zinc are mostly a good solution at this point. These substances are also used in ointments, which are suitable for young children (babies or toddlers who have diapers rash).

To avoid this situation, you should now proactively protect the affected areas. There is also a wonderfully protective and healing ointment. Vevina ® puts a protective layer on the skin and acts as a protective film. This avoids friction, pressure, or other problems that cause chaffing, chub rub and dreaded itchy and blistering skin areas and it also acts preventively. Other household remedies or means could react to your sweat (see also our article on the causes of a sore scrub in the inner thigh area. Please read more about it here: LINK).  With Vevina ® you will have an effective protection against friction, reddened and irritated skin. An ointment tube can be used during spring and summer and gives protection against reddened skin areas, chafing or chub rub. With Vevina ® you have a good lubricant that helps against chub rub and does not change chemically (for example due to sweat). Small hairs often cause that the opposite skin area will be grazed and wounded, which leads to microscopic cracks in the upper epidermis. These minor injuries, more friction and more pressure, will further lead to the above mentioned irritations, inflammations and the painful and reddened skin areas. With Vevina ®, there is also a good solution for this particular problem with small hairs and thicker hairs, that tend to irritate the inner thigh, because these hairs will be protected in the cream layer, so that the skin is protected twice. Please note, however, that Vevina ® is exclusively designed for a external skin application. You should be careful in the genital area and apply Vevina® only on the outside of the genital area – never on the inside. Although the cream is not harmful in itself, we want to make repeat, that it should only be applied on the outer skin area.

healing against chub rub on thighsOrder your Vevina ® ointment today. One packaging unit has 30 ml (tube) and will last for a spring and a summer. The advantage is, that this tube is small enough to fit in any bag and can therefore be carried easily with you. This solution really helps to avoid the dreaded chafing, chub rub and skin rashes, due to rubbing and friction. You can make your order directly on our website.

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