Help – I have skin chafing! Myths about skin and sweat rash.

Help – I have skin chafing! Myths about skin and sweat rash.

Do only people with overweight have this problem?

skin chafing and sweat rash.No. Not at all. Our research and experience shows that frequently, this is a problem among cyclists, riders, marathon runners,  joggers and footballers. They are all affected by chub rub. Of course, this is also a known problem among infants, still carrying a diaper. Everywhere where the skin is exposed to pressure, rubbing, friction, pressure, heat and chafing. Runners and joggers must repeatedly make the same movement and in addition also sweat a lot, which can cause an irritation, because of the sweat components. Maybe a dry skin develops, by a low fluid intake.

Another risk group for chafing, chub rub or sore skin areas, are people who are bed-ridden or lie in a constant position. These are often older people, where the skin is anyway severely impacted, by a lack of moisture supply. The skin becomes dry and the rub of skin against the bed linen is a worrisome constant concern. Pressure and heat are created. These factors cause skin cracks, sores and this leads to chafing. In these cases, it is particularly important to work preventively and to apply an ointment such as Vevina ®. For elderly people who are bed-ridden, we recommend to consult a doctor before using Vevina® or any other product.

Does chafing only occur with women?

No. This problem occurs on both women and men. As mentioned above, affected are especially men who practice high-performance sports or fitness. Even infants often have sore legs or a rash. It makes no difference whether this is a boy or a girl.

Does chafing only occur between thighs? Where else can chafing or chub rub appear?

This is not a specific problem of the thighs. It is the result of friction, which is created between skin or skin and textiles. Where this process is underway, chafing will appear. Runners make the same movement over and over again and this concerns not only the thigh area. Other body parts rub against each other, such as for example the underarms or the armpits. These tend to react irritably to the skin rubbing. Many runners complain about sores in the armpits because they rub when running and also become quite irritated by sweat. We remind you, that sweat contains some very sharp salt compounds and also acids. The components of sweat have the ability to damage the skin, although this is not the case for every person, it is good to know, that sweat is an additional source of pain in this kind of situation.

The thighs are the most affected body part. The inside of the thigh is one of the most commonly cited parts for chafing. Many women who have large thighs and suffer from overweight, very well know that this area is very sensitive. The thighs are constantly in contact and then, each step can become torturous. There is pressure, tight contact, warmth and constant sweating, which are all requisites to accelerate chub rub or also known as chafing.

Other problematic areas are the point between the vagina and the upper inner thigh. Many women mention vaginal chub rub, upper/inner thigh itching and soreness as a difficult problem to handle. The movement of the legs and rubbing against underwear are a constant problem. This problem occurs often because underwear is worn, which literally „cuts the skin”. A seam is enough to cause a rift, by constantly moving back and forth. More friction, heat, sweat, etc. then make the rest of the process and lead to chaffing or what some call vaginal chub rub. Many women have this situation because of bra under wires or because they are wearing the wrong bra size! Surveys show, that most women buy and use the wrong bra size. The metal brackets and other seams can cause the same problem on the underside of the breasts. Here, the skin is particularly sensitive and is exposed to the constant heat, which is an additional factor in the process. We are mentioning vaginal chub rub in this article, because it is another sensitive body area, where chafing occurs, but please remember that the Vevina cream was designed for external use only. It should not get into vagina itself.

Men have often nipple chafing. These rub, while racing or running, on the inside of textiles of the shirts and lead then to the chafing. Also the feet are affected. Here it depends often, which footwear is used. The wrong size or a seam in the wrong spot, can be the source of wounds, soreness and feet chafing. There may be places, where the sensitive upper foot skin is also affected.

Are home remedies the right solution for a skin rash or chub rub?

home remedies for skin rash or chub rubWhile many home remedies are recommended on the Internet and in forums and some of them may also help, but we do not recommend to use them against redness and chafing. The reason is the sweat. Every person has a different composition of sweat. This depends on many factors, in part genetics, but for the most part, this depends on the diet of the individual person or even medication. These substances are also included in human sweat and possibly don’t mix well with other substances or cause allergies and other irritations. We recommend the Vevina ® ointment that was specifically developed for this problem. Many enthusiastic customers can testify to that.

Do you get a chub rub or chafing only through sweating?

No. Sweat can only worsen the whole process and accelerate or facilitate the progress of the skin irritation or inflammation. Sweat can also make these areas more sensitive to pain. The reason is that certain substances (such as certain salt compounds) are included in sweat and they are simply just painful on a wound. If you ever try to put salt on a wound, then you will know that the ions contained in it can cause a „hellish” burn. The skin defends itself against these „aggressive” substances. Usually they do not enter into the subcutaneous tissue, but since the friction has caused all these small open wounds (microscopic and hardly seen by the eye), now the bacteria, salts and other substances can go under your skin and the chafing process begins to develop. This causes – among other things – a redness and mild swelling. The itchiness and the inflammation only become worse. Actually, this involves a two-step process. First of all, there is this constant friction (by running, for example) and in the next step the skin areas, that are now „dug up“are further irritated. Especially people with dry skin – which can lead to cracks – are affected.chub rub or chafing sweating


You can order today the Vevina ® ointment and stop this process once and for all. The protection is instant and durable. The Cream is water and sweat resistant. A packaging unit has 30 ml (tube) and will hold for a spring and a summer. The advantage is, that this tube is small and will fit in any bag and can therefore be carried easily around. If you have a meeting or an appointment, take your Vevina® Cream with you and apply a little bit of it on your clean and dry skin. This will leave no marks, ugly fat stains (as is the case with Vaseline or other oil based unguents and Creams!) This ointment really helps to avoid chafing and irritated skin conditions, because it protects and serves as a barrier against rubbing. It is always better to use a preventive protection. Our Cream is based on zinc oxide – among other things – and this natural substance is often used in the field of medicine to disinfect wounds and to heal. Many ointments have this mineral substance. The Vevina ® Cream has a formula that helps and even proactively protects against chafing. Just try it out!

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