Running and Jogging – Avoid the dreaded chub rub and learn how to soothe and calm inner thigh chafing

Running and Jogging – Avoid the dreaded chub rub and learn how to soothe and calm inner thigh chafing

inner thigh chafingMany athletes complain about a sore inner thigh. If you read forums, where athletes exchange ideas and discuss their favorite fitness activity, it seems that chafing or a sore itchy skin between the legs is one of the main problems. We found that cyclists often have the tendency to develop chub rub at the upper inner thigh, footballers and above all riders (equestrians). This problem, however occurs in particular with people that are runners or practice some sort of athletics. Usually you wear tight sports clothing and walking or running causes chafing, because of a constant friction between the legs. This mechanical friction leads to a scouring process between the legs, and with time, this can cause sores between the thighs. They can also occur, where the same conditions prevail: pressure, friction, and maybe even strong perspiration. There are various methods and solutions to prevent the problem of chafing among athletes and runners and we will analyze some strategies and present some suggestions.

The problem for the athlete or the jogger is that these areas will become very painful, very quickly. Over time, this problem will only worsen. A slight redness quickly becomes an inflammation. The reason is that the skin gets cracks and as a result the top epidermis lies open and is unprotected. Bacteria can now enter through these small cracks or other particles. The redness and the burning pain, or itching and irritation are just a defense mechanism of the skin and are actually a normal process. The body fights back and sends warning signals. We only notice these tiny, open wounds through the redness and the chafing. If this situation persists, then it can also lead to blisters, which are partly aqueous. At this stage, the chaffed skin is quite painful and uncomfortable. The friction makes things only worse. This kind of soreness does not only occur between the thighs in athletes. They can also appear in the upper inside of the genital area. Some men complain about chafing in the testicular area or generally in the genital area. Some mention a chaffed testicle and inner thigh as the main reason to interrupt their training and fitness program. Even professional athletes, once in a time, have to deal with this skin condition.

The whole thing is especially tragic for athletes or marathoners, because the workouts must be considerably restricted. Constant showering and sweating, leads to a deterioration of the skin condition and this can actually lead to a training failure, or a failure to participate in a competition. Also joggers are affected. Here it is often because of tight clothing, lots of friction combined with sweat. These circumstances lead to a chaffed thigh or the dreaded chub rub, mostly on the inside of the thigh and the underside of the armpits. Many athletes also have sore skin on their feet. The reasons are mostly the same.

Why do you get inner thigh chafing?

The skin is a protective mechanism, with special properties. The hairs do not exist without reason and the upper layers of the skin have a special function (see also this article: LINK). The thicker hairs on the skin have a protective function. They make another „front” against dirt particles and on the other hand they also serve as protection for the skin itself. Now this same hair can also cause the skin to become inflamed. Sometimes hair grows to the inside and then small blisters start to develop. This rub, especially in the inner area of the thigh, with the other side of the thigh is the cause for skin rash, itching, blisters and general chafing. However, many athletes also shave their bodies for hygienic reasons or for athletic or aesthetic reasons. Now the skin is „blank” and is thus stronger exposed to friction and also the strong substances in human sweat. All these factors lead to an increased possibility of chafing, burning skin or chub rub in athletes and professional runners.

dreaded chub rubA third reason may be wrong sport clothing or tight-fitting clothing. It takes only a single seam or an elastic of the underwear to trigger this process. An athlete will more often rub the inside of the thigh, then someone that runs or walks normally in everyday life. Overweight people who have a particular problem here are not an exception. Athletes, joggers and other fitness fanatics suffer from a similar effect, because their legs are very muscular, become bulky, or if the physique is just so that the inside of the thigh or other body parts rub against each other. Another reason for this problem among athletes is the constant touch or rub with the fabric (seams) of sports clothing.

Another reason for chafing can be a lack of vitamins or dry skin. This can happen through constant showers or a lower increase in liquids. Genetics also plays a role in some people and therefore their sweat glands don‘t produce enough liquid. A dry skin leads to cracks and the process starts slowly, in the end leading to chaffed skin or burning sores, that become itchy or irritated.

What can athletes, runners or jogger do against chub rub and sore inner thighs?

inner thigh chafingIf the irritation is already extremely advanced and it comes to a really bad infection, then you should, of course, seek a doctor (dermatologist). He will prescribe medical ointments or anti-inflammatory drugs. If the skin sores are not so bad, then you can also get a good cure with a simple ointment from the pharmacy. It is important to act preventively.  Here the application of Vevina ® helps. This Cream acts as a protective lubricant. Whether you are completely shaved or not, the Vevina ® unguent is easily applied to the skin and then used as a protective film. Many use vaseline or other means, which are based on fat, etc. but Vevina ® is a cream which is absorbed quickly, does not damage the skin and also does not react with the strong salty sweat. Be careful with other remedies, which are subjected to the chemical composition of bodily fluids and these can alter the chemical effect. Human sweat consists not only from water but also of sodium ions, chloride ions, potassium ions and other inorganic materials. Especially athletes, expell other substances via their sweat. This is due to the diet and the eventual usage of supplements (like protein powders and other means). This can make the sweat „stronger” or „sour” and this in turn acts more aggressively on the skin surface (pouring out of sweat), or will act in combination with other products, that are applied to the skin.

It is better to use a product, that was specifically designed for this problem and to avoid any side effects. This product was adapted to these special situations and helps the skin against irritation, redness, itching, sore scrub irritations, and in particular to protect against chafing. The effective and fast protection that only Vevina ® can deliver, will make any athlete grateful.

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