Geerdina & Vevina

Sweat rash? Skin chafing?

Chub rub, sweat rash or chafing? Do you have skin problems caused by sweat or chafing?

Between your thighs, underneath your breasts or between your buttocks?

Does your skin get red and irritated because of repeated rubbing?


Vevina® is the solution for you!

Vevina®is a cream that prevents your skin from sweat rash or chafing. The lubricating ingredients smooth your skin surfaces wherever it rubs together. Due to the antiperspirant ingredients sweat doesn’t influence the effectiveness of Vevina®.

A tube of Vevina® contains 30 ml. Enough cream for a warm spring and a beautiful summer!


Vevina & Geerdina

GeerdinaGeerdina developed Vevina®:

”During a holiday in Brazil I was wearing a skirt every day. The weather in Brazil is very sunny and warm. Though, wearing a skirt caused problems to my skin on my thighs. By walking with bare legs caused my skin to become sensitive and red.”

At the beach I thought to myself: “Why isn’t there a specific cream to prevent this problem?” Back home I started working on this idea and this is how Vevina® was established. The cream is fantastic and I want to share my product with all the women (and men) who recognize this skin problem.

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